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Our history …
Woody’s BBQ was established in 2002 by Cheryl and Woody Wasson. Woody’s Smoke Shack became successful winning awards in many contest around the Midwest, including the World Pork Expo, the American Royal in Kansas City and the Jack Daniels Invitational in Lynchburg, Tennessee; three of the most prestigious contests in the United States. We’re proud to be an Iowa State Barbeque Champion. Because of our extremely satisfied customers and the demand for our delicious barbeque and other specialties; we expanded and offer the following services:

Carryout and dine-in service …
Customer requests to open a complete dine-in and carryout restaurant promoted us to purchase the building at 2511 Cottage Grove Avenue in Des Moines. Also known home to the locals as The Blind Munchies, Cheryl and Woody took it upon themselves to completely renovate the building and open a world class championship BBQ restaurant.

Opened during the later part of 2008, Woody’s Smoke Shack cooks all meats and side dishes on site, daily. Our Smoke Shack offers weekly specials; weekend take out, fresh and frozen side dishes for your dining convenience, holiday menus and a full line of catering services.

Woody’s Smoke Shack will continue with vending and catering in their 30 foot mobile kitchen seen through out the metro area, serving the finest fresh smoked BBQ.

We’re also proud to announce our Woody’s at Mullets location, where you can enjoy our food Saturday and Sunday nights when our main location is closed.

Catering and vending …
Our specialty is BBQ. We’re a full service caterer, vendor and offer personal chef service as your needs require. From grand buffets to custom requests, give us an idea of your event requirements and we’ll make it happen. We travel nationwide from “Ribfest” to NASCAR, any location you need. No event is too large or too small.

As you travel the highways of Iowa, you’ll often see us in route to many a local BBQ event and competition throughout and also pulling down the road to competition BBQ events throughout the Midwest. Competition BBQ meats are perfectly prepared with rubs and spices, smoked on Southern Pride Smokers for hours of slow cooking … resulting in mouth watering delicious results.

Visit us …
Woody’s Smoke Shack is open Monday through Friday 11:00 am to 8:00 pm and Saturday 11:00 am to 4:00 pm for eat in or dine or carryout service. We are closed Saturday nights, Sundays, and major holidays (New Year’s, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas). Woody’s Smoke Shack is excited to serve the metro area his finest food, come join us. For more information about our fine foods and services we offer, please call please call 515-277-0005.